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Gammadda-(The heart of the village); An initiative for the people by the people

Rural Sri Lanka is an enigma. Over 35,000 villages, cross-divided into a myriad administrative regions ranging from 09 Provinces to 14,000+ GS Divisions. Each village, each locality, has its own endemic challenges. Understanding these issues is a profound undertaking that requires an investment in time, and hard miles. The uniqueness of Gammadda is, it listens to the people first. This is our core strength. We walk for thousands of miles each year, spending time with the people. Listening to their problems but equally importantly, to their solutions. It is learnings gleaned out of these experiences that we use to as the foundation of our rural development projects

Gammadda Universe & Philosophy

Gammadda was founded over a decade ago by R. Rajamahendran, the Chairman of CMG. Despite the rapid growth of the movement, the founding principles have remained true to the founder’s vision. For thousands of years, Sri Lankan civilization has been rooted in the Philosophy of The Truth. The Truth is found only out of fact.

So, we spend a copious amount of time and energy uncovering Facts. Following the Facts. And allowing the Facts to lead us to the Truth.

It is this TRUTH that we then ACT on. That is why, every single Gammadda project thus far has been a resounding success. Because the problem is factual, and the solutions are real. Gammadda also believes in the strength and spirit of the Sri Lankan people. This is why, we form community-based Gammadda Saviya societies and bring in village leadership into each project.



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Gammadda is trusted and endorsed by the following organizations

" Gammadda became a social movement that touched the hearts of the rural and strengthened the rural community, not just seeking justice from the state alone. It will be a huge step towards a better village. "

Prof. Tilak Wijethunga Bandara | University of Peradeniya

" At MAS we have an extended idea of ‘employee’ which includes their families and communities. We found a good fit with Gammadda, because it went to the very heart of the village. Together we were able to create far greater positive social impact’’

Mr Suren Fernando | Group CEO MAS Holdings


How it works Gammadda

We undertake a nationwide needs assessment called the Door-to-Door survey, knocking on thousands of doors to identify and understand the problems rural communities face.

Gammadda Fundraising

We collect donations for the projects from various donors through our web portal you too can be a part of transforming Sri Lanka through citizen action.

Gammadda Sustainability
Project Sustainability

A Gammadda Saviya Society work to ensure long term community success by assisting in the formation of a community- led committee. This committee is formed in locations where Gammadda projects are implemented.

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Data and Research Reports

‘Research and data’, must not be misunderstood. In the context of Gammadda, it means that the combined teams made up of Gammadda volunteers from News 1st and undergraduates of The University of Peradeniya, spend months walking from home to home across rural Sri Lanka, listening to people and collating information. Sri Lanka has thousands of villages, and we have adopted a slow and concerted approach to reach them all. One step at a time. One year at a time.

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