Transforming a Cattleground to a Playground #Learn #Play #Thrive

The Problem

The playground and school was a place where cows roamed free and left there cow dung everywhere. The children spent much of their time cleaning up the mess left behind by the cows. Additionally the playground the children used was dilapidated, overgrown and posed serious dangers to them.

The Need

The school needed a secure safety fence to not only keep the cows out but to also keep the children safe from running out to the road. Additionally the gate was broken down and rusted. Furthermore the school desperately needed a new playground and sports equipment.

The Solution

Gammadda helped transform a cattle ground into a beautiful and safe playground with the help of a generous donor and handed it over to the students on the 10th of August 2022.

How it was done?

This was achieved by first installing a high quality fence around the school to prevent the cows from encroaching as well as a brand new gate. The playground was then mowed and cleaned through a shramadana effort with the parents. Then Gammadda then renovated the existing playground equipment for the smaller children and provided sports equipment for the older children so they can Learn, Play and Thrive.

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