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Gammadda V-Force was launched with the objective of providing a platform for the youth to place the interests of the country before theirs and volunteer for a worthy cause. V-Force comprising of volunteers from all over the country sets off to pre-planned locations to undertake their responsibility of building the nation.

Newsfirst has recognized the critical contribution that volunteering makes to build a strong and cohesive society that government cannot achieve by itself and has therefore supported volunteering as the essential act of citizenship, a means for combating social exclusion, and promoting self help for community development. It comes from the most basic of all values- people helping people and, in the process, helping each other. It emerges from long-established Sri Lankan values, ancient traditions of sharing, philanthropy

Volunteer as Individuals

The V-Force campaigns offer participants a full day of service, learning and the opportunity to make life-long friends. V-Force Campaigns are one-day projects to which volunteers are taken to pre-planned locations to undertake their responsibility of building the nation.

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Volunteer as a Group

V-Force Teams hopes to mobilize young people into agents of change and transformation within their own villages. Each Village Force conducts various service projects within its local community, and participates in special projects involving other societies.V-Force Student Groups promotes student volunteering and service learning and is aimed at encouraging civic behavior among young people.

V-Force Corporate Groups are teams of employees who partake in social activities on a voluntary basis on community-improving initiatives.

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