Gammadda Universe

Founded and conceptualised by Mr. R. Rajamahendran

Gammadda has become one of the largest humanitarian initiatives in Sri Lanka and has become a case study for community driven rural development, volunteerism, Community services, Disaster mitigation, Preparedness and relief, Education services and promotion of Arts and culture . 

Janatha Mandapaya

"Speak your mind, for the Country to Hear": Gammadda was first introduced as a public forum initiative held in rural villages. The objective of this attempt was to identify issues that are hidden below the surface and bring the attention of responsible authorities towards these issues faced by Sri Lankans. Gammadda Janatha Mandapaya empowers residents to hold their elected representatives accountable in front of a national audience.

Gammadda Door to Door

Sri Lanka is known as a paradise island all around the world. From breathtaking mountain views, tranquil beaches, thousands of years of history and an exquisite culture, we really do seem to have it all. However, a deeper understanding of Sri Lanka reveals the unhappy truth, that more than 75% of our population is in fact, rural, struggling and in need of help. Countless tired but smiling faces would tell you the daily struggle to find the most basic needs to live for today.

At Gammadda we do not believe Sri Lanka is a poor country- rather it is unequal.

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Gammadda Projects

Gammadda projects aims at alleviating poverty, uplifting social and economic standards, enhancing livelihoods, and improving cultural diversity and dialouge between communities. Gammadda projects are focused on community driven rural development.

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Gammadda Saviya

Gammadda Saviya Societies are formed with local community members to ensure project sustainability. Gammadda Saviya members are delegated the task of maintaining projects vested in their communities. Gammadda Saviya societies also identify local community issues and collaborate with the Gammadda team to find speedy solutions.

Our Footprint

Gammadda V-Force

A platform for the youth of this country to place the interests of the country before their own, and volunteer for a worthy cause.

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Gammadda Wawen Wewata

Gammadda “Gamin Gamata - Wewin Wewata” is a national initiative launched with the aim of preserving the wewa - the Magmun Opus of the ancient irrigation system of our country.

Gammadda Nagitimu Sri Lanka

The newest addition to Gammadda , this was initiated during the COVID 19 outbreak. It gave an opportunity to the people to utilize their time at home in an effective and creative way. However, Nagitmu Sri Lanka is now a strong branch of Gammadda that aims to work towards motivating and empowering fellow Sri Lankans in various ways.

Gammadda Council on Foreign Affairs

The program will focus on international affairs, foreign policy and the importance of discussing the same with a 'country first' attitude.

Gammadda Tech Bus SL

ICTs, appropriately adapted, help improve the livelihoods of communities in rural areas and increase their income opportunities, thereby improving their chances of escaping from persistent poverty. Gammadda  reach out to schools and communities in rural Sri Lanka, through Tech Bus SL.

Gammadda Cultural Centre

An initiative by Gammadda, that aims to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of our country that has historical and personal value.

Gammadda Dhamsaviya

One of the basic theories of Buddhism is that a person should prioritise spiritual development above the physical development. Although we boast of having a rich heritage and influnce of 2500 years of Buddhism, we must rethink the extent to which we have incorporated the understanding of the teachings of Lord Buddha into practice.

The Gammadda Damsaviya program was born with the noble objective of fulfilling this spiritual void.

Voice of Gammadda

Voice of Gammadda is the quarterly magazine issued by Gammadda secretariat. This release covers all the activities undertaken by Gammadda during that particular quarter.

The Gammadda Thaksalawa Education Center

The most recently launched Gammadda Initiative, Thaksalawa focuses on providing quality Free-to-Air education to students in key age categories, affected by the prolonged school-closures and lack of online facilities.


Filling a long-felt void, The GILC brings together Sri Lanka's most admired, influential leaders to a single platform with the sole- aim of sharing this limitless well-spring of experience and knowledge with our nation's emerging leaders.