Gammadda Thaksalava

COVID19 has forced schools to close and rely on online education to teach the current syllabus. However many students don't have data coverage or are unable to access the internet due to not having devices to connect or being unable to afford the current data plans. Gammadda eliminates the need of a device or internet plans to access a basic human right such as education. This is where Gammadda is bringing unfettered access. Everyone can have equal access to quality education through our Free-to-Air tuition classes.

ordinary levels

Lessons on G.C. E Ordinary Level subjects will also telecast on weekdays from 08 AM to 09 AM with a same-day repeat from 04 PM to 05 PM. In addition, Free-To-Air classes for Tamil Medium students will air on Shakthi TV from 06 AM to 07 AM on weekdays. Additionally revision classes will be held to fortify the aptitude of the students with revision papers will be made available to the students by calling 0777600040.Students can also watch each session on our YouTube session if there was something they missed.

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grade 5 scholarship

Educational programs aimed at the Grade 05 Scholarship Examination will telecast on weekdays from 9 am to 10 am starting Monday (28) with a repeat telecast scheduled for the day from 03 PM to 04 PM on Sirasa TV. Additionally Tamil language scholarship classes will be held at 06AM on Saturdays and Sundays on Shakthi TV with a re-telecast on TV One at 06 PM. Supplementary materials can be obtained by calling 0777600040.

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