Clean Water for Hengamuwa

The Hengamuwa Village is home to a number of farmers. Their only source of water for agricultural purposes was the Ambagaha anicut. They didn't have a source of clean drinking water, for which they had to make a multi-kilometer trek to fetch water.

Since their water supply was in a dilapidated and contaminated state and the farmers living in this area had to undergo many hardships to obtain water for their agricultural as well as drinking water needs. They had taken steps to inform the relevant officials regarding this requirement but, their plea went unheard.

They are asking for their water supply system to be refurbished along with the common well and the water supply network to supply their daily water needs.

After their pleas were heard by Gammadda, steps were taken to resolve this problem that the villagers of Hengamuwa were facing over the years.

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