Fraud & Corruption push people to the brink of despair

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The common people are the left to pay for the damage done to the environment by fraud and corruption.

Despite the inclement weather The Gammadda Door-to-Door team in the Galle District visited multiple villages in Akmeemana and Bope Poddala area to inquire into the primary issues faced by the area residents.

Our teams visited the villages of Akmeemana, Talgasaya, Kekirihena, Godadenigama, Galvalagodakanda, Bopepoddala, Holuvagoda Mulana to inquire into the problems faced by the people.

The crops in the Holuvagoda village were inundated at the time our teams visited the area, and many families in this area earn their living through farming.

Another Gammadda Door-to-Door team visited multiple villages in the Anuradhapura District to inquire into the primary issues faced by the villagers.

Our teams visited many villages including the Meegaswewa Samagipura village in the Central Nuwaragama divisional secretariat of the Anuradhapura district.

Heen Amma is a grandmother who is facing a battle to survive and make ends meet.

Her husband who is battling with a cronic kidney disease has been paralysed for the past 9 years.

And Heen Amma is a daily wage worker.

The Gammadda Team visiting the Mannar district entered several villages in the Nanattan Divisional Secretariat.

The villagers in Wangalai depend on the fishing industry.

Coastal erosion, substandard salt for dry fish production, and the rising fuel costs have made it difficult for them to survive.,

The people in Eruvittan have no proper housing and when it floods their current homes are submerged.

The Gammadda Door to Door teams with the researchers from the University of Peradeniya will head out to rural Sri Lankan villages tomorrow as well

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