Gammadda & Airline Pilots Guild complete new bridge for rural village in Mahiyangana

If we look back at history, Mahiyangana was a crucial area that gave leadership to the great battle of Uva-Wellassa, as Sri Lankans struggled for their freedom.

But today, the people living in this area have been neglected and are in dire straits.

For generations, the village of Embalawatte suffered due to the lack of a proper bridge, which even led to the deaths of residents as they braved the raging the waters just trying to get to the other side.

But starting today the people of this village will not face this problem anymore.

Here's why.

The people of this village in rural Embalawatte have no choice but to cross the Una-Gahala Oya everyday to get to school, work or even to a hospital.

During the rainy seasons, this stream turns into a raging torrent.

Villagers had placed several logs across this waterway as a makeshift bridge.

However, when it rains this crossing becomes a death trap due to the gushing waters.

Gammadda identified the plight of these villagers, and in October 2022 launched a project to construct a bridge for these people.

The Airline Pilots Guild of Sri Lanka joined hands with Gammadda to take this project off the ground.

Within a short span of two months, Gammadda was able to complete a this fully functional bridge for the village.

The Gammadda bridge as the villagers have christened it will serve these communities from today and safely convey young and old from one shore to another as they get about their daily work.  

Today's handing over ceremony was graced by the Maha Sanga.

Mahiyanganaya Divisional Secretary Sanjaya Weerasinghe, Captain Niranjan Johnpulle, Captain John Christie and Captain John Christie of the Pilots Guild of Sri Lanka, the Leader of the Indigenous Community Uruwarige Wannila Aththo, Special invitee Dr. Rasitha Wickremesinghe and Chevaan Daniel of the Gammadda Movement, among others were present.

"Gammadda is recognized and appreciated by the whole world. Everybody knows how Gammadda serves the people of Sri Lanka across the whole country. They understand the heartbeat of the people and their struggles. Young people working as part of this movement expect nothing in return. That is why I say Gammadda is the beating heart of the Sri Lankan village," said Venerable Kukulapola Gunarathana Thero, the Chief Incumbent of the Diyamalkanna Historic Temple.

Captain Niranjan Johnpulle of the Pilots Guild of Sri Lanka said "This bridge belongs to you. You need to take care of this. A bridge something that connects, as we are connected with each other here. I live in Colombo. However, today I am connected you through Gammadda. I belive the purpose of life is to serve people if not life is can be meaningless."

Starting today, children in this village can go to school safely and parents can get about their activities ease.

Patients can get to hospital and farmers can get their produce to the market.


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