Silver Lining for Silverkandy

The CP/ N/ W/ Silverkandy Tamil Vidyalayam belongs to the Walapana Educational division in the Ragala area. This school in the Nuwara Eliya district is a school with very poor facilities and has been suffering from the lack of clean drinking water for a long period of time. Many of the students' parents work as plantation workers in estates. There is a distance of 2km from the primary section to the secondary school. There are more than 75 students in the Primary section and has no permanent drinking water facilities available. Water can be obtained from a spring at the top of the hill and a tank should be built in it to store water and bring it to the school in the lower area. Then the school will have to build a network tower and make 3 water storage and distribution points.

Gammadda saw the shortcomings of this community during the Door2Door islandwide needs assessment study done in 2020. Gammadda saw the plight of these students and decided to provide them with a solution. After a generous donation by the Airline Pilots' Guild of Sri Lanka- Gammadda set to work on commencing work on this project. The foundation stone was laid with a groundbreaking ceremony. The students showcased their talents in dance and performance arts.

The easily accessible drinking water project in the CP/ N/ W/ Silverkandy Tamil Vidyalayam for the provision of drinking water will help the students and staff immensely. A total of about 500 students and 30 staff in CP/ N/ W/ Silverkandy Tamil Vidyalayam primary and secondary sections will have access to clean drinking water.

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