Gammadda Door to Door moves to three new districts in search of the peoples issues

It is no secret that the prevailing economic crisis has led to the disruption of the day to day lives of the general public.

How many families have been impacted by this unprecedented economic crisis?

Has sufficient attention been given to those who are severely affected?

The Gammadda Door to Door initiative continues identify a range of issues faced by average Sri Lankans.

On Monday (10), which was Day Six of the Sixth edition of the Gammadda Door to Door program, the team that completed it's tour in the Jaffna district reached the Killinochchi district.

They visited the Malayalapuram area in the Karachchi Divisional Secretariat, where most of the residence are day-wage earners.

Unfortunately, the economic crisis left them with no work, ruining their chances of providing for their families.

Gammadda teams in the Ratnapura district visited Handagirigoda, Handagiriya, Kolonna and Suriyakanda villages in the Welligepola Divisional Secretariat and met with the poverty-stricken estate workers living in Suriyakanda.

People in this area do not have the luxury of enjoying cell phone services as the area lacks the basic facilities.

Unlike most areas in Sri Lanka children in the area do not have access to online education.

Gammadda teams in the Polonnaruwa district toured many areas in the Hingurakgoda Divisional Secretariat.

On top of the economic crisis, people in this area face wild elephant threats.

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