Lack of housing, fuel, and dilapidated bridge - Rural Sri Lanka's woes

COLOMBO (News 1st) - The 6th phase of the Gammadda door-to-door campaign commenced on Wednesday (5) across multiple areas in the country.

The 6th edition of the Gammadda Door to Door program is currently underway in the Jaffna, Matale, and Kalutara Districts.

The objective of this initiative is to collect data about the hardships faced by the people in rural Sri Lanka and to formulate and implement solutions for these problems.

The initiative is a joint effort of Gammadda and Peradeniya University.

The purpose of this year's assessment is to identify the severity of the ill effects faced by the people of rural Sri Lanka due to both the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis that is prevailing on the island.

The Gammadda team in Jaffna visited the Uyaruppelam area in Ilawalai and identified that the main issue faced by the people is the lack of proper housing.

In addition, the people are also in a constant battle with the drug menace that has plagued the area.

Thereafter the team visited the Sandilippai village, where the main issue faced by the villagers was the lack of fuel to engage in agriculture.

The Gammadda team observed that the existing economic crisis had severely affected their livelihoods.

Another Gammadda team is based in the Kalutara District and visited the Arambagoda village in the Millaniya Divisional Secretariat.

It was observed that the bridge used by the villages is in a dilapidated stated and had caused serious accidents as well.

A third Gammadda team is in the Rathkaralwewa Village in the Matale District.

The team identified that the main issue faced by this village is a lack of a proper road to connect them with the main town.

The Gammadda team also had to reach the village amidst multiple obstacles.

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