Koleyaya to Eldeniya, Together Stronger

In the idyllic villages of Rideemaliyadda, Koleyaya, and Eldeniya in the Badulla district, a simple stream stood as a formidable barrier, separating communities and stifling progress. Without a bridge or proper road, over 600 villagers faced perilous journeys during the rainy season, while children endured a 12-kilometer detour to school.

Recognizing this plight, the Gammadda team took action, laying the foundation stone for a bridge on 08/06/2024. Speedmark Transportation Lanka (Pvt) Ltd and its Managing Director, Mr. Sunil Malavana, answered the call, contributing resources to improve lives.

As construction begins, a beacon of hope shines, promising a future where communities are united, and dreams are within reach. This initiative stands as a testament to the power of collective action and corporate social responsibility, paving the way for progress and unity in rural Sri Lanka.

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