Hope for Mahakarambewa

Rural Mahakarambewa in the Karuwalagaswewa Divisional Secretariat belongs to No. 640/C Grama Niladhari division in the Puttalam district. More than 500 families call Mahakarambewa home. Most residents either engage in farming or are daily wage labourers. The ground water in Mahakarambewa is contaminated and cannot be consumed. There are many residents undergoing treatment for kidney disease. The villagers are compelled to purchase water at exorbitant rates. The difficulties caused due to the lack of clean drinking water is colossal.

Today (13/11/2022) in a groundbreaking ceremony, Gammadda in partnership with St. Peter's College Colombo laid the foundation stone for a community water supply project.

The installation of a Reverse Osmosis filtration system in Mahakarambewa for the provision of drinking water will help the village and the families immensely.

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