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The prestigious College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka has come forward to partner with Gammadda, the far reaching program that supports rural development across Sri Lanka, to support families struggling to survive the current economic catastrophe.

Dr. K. Chandrasekher, Advisor and Past President of the CGPSL, said: “We are greatly privileged as the College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka to be partners of the Gammadda team in this project. The College is interested in looking into three aspects. One is giving provisions for families so that they can live their day to day life. Then comes education, since no child should be out of school due to poverty. The third focus is that we want those families to stand on their own feet”.

For many years, part of Gammadda's focus has been helping those who need it the most. Gammadda has been able to serve communities across Sri Lanka with the help of kindhearted Sri Lankans, both in the country and overseas. Over the past year, that has included supporting impoverished families with food. With food security and malnutrition having come to a serious situation in Sri Lanka, the College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka and Gammadda have come together to help those who need it most.

The project will be expanded in the future to include supporting impoverished families to earn steady incomes.

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