Food Aid to tide over the Festive Season

In the face of record food price inflation, skyrocketing fuel costs and widespread commodity shortages, some 9.6 million Sri Lankans, or two in five households are living under the poverty line which has soared to Rs. 13,318, and are unsure of where their next meal is coming from.

Amidst a staggering 61 per cent inflation rate, steeply increasing food prices have crippled the population’s ability to put sufficient and nutritious meals on the table, rendering two in five households without adequate diets.The World Bank in their latest assessment put out a list of 10 countries with the highest food price inflation. Sri Lanka was ranked at No. 6 with a percentage of 86%.

More than 40% of Sri Lankans are self employed or are casual daily wage labourers. They are feeling the greatest difficulties during this crisis.

As prices keep healthy meals out of reach, some 61 per cent of households are regularly using coping strategies to cut down on costs, such as reducing the amount they eat and consuming increasingly less nutritious meals.

Gammadda has launched a dry ration distribution initiative,in which the most needy families will be given a pack of food provisions to help them tide over what used to be a festive time, but has turned out to be some of the most difficult times since independence.This is intended to bolster existing food security safety nets and other social security nets in place. This initiative was launched to coincide with the festive season because we did not want people going hungry during a time that families usually come together to celebrate.

While it is impossible to help everyone, Gammadda decided that it would do what it can, and is thankful to the kind hearts who spontaneously come forward in support of this cause.

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