Dairy farmers, pensioners affected by Sri Lanka's Economic Crisis

COLOMBO (News 1st) - The Gammadda Door-To-Door Teams walking the length and breadth of Sri Lanka came across many people who battered by multiple issues on Wednesday (19).

The Gammadda Door-To-Door Teams accompanied by researchers from the University of Peradeniya visited the Trincomalee, Kurunegala, and Hambantota Districts for the 15th consecutive day of the program to identify the woes of the people.

The team in the Trincomalee District visited the Seenipura village in Kanthare, where most of the villagers are dairy farmers.

These farmer lament that though the market prices of milk powder, and related products increased they are yet to benefit from it.

The dairy farmers also noted that the current economic situation has made it difficult for them to provide animal feed, and also medication to the cattle.

The Gammadda Door-To-Door team in the Kurunegala District visited the Polgahawela North area where they came across a large number of retired public sector employees battered by the economy.

These former officials have banded together to cultivate on abandoned paddy fields to feed their families.

Incidentally, they produce their own fertilizer.

The Gammadda Door-To-Door team in the Hambantota District visited the Thammennawa area where the villagers do not have access to clean drinking water.

Although a water purification project was installed in the village, it does not function properly, leaving the villagers in dire straits.

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