Happiness Flows in Walaliya

Ambanpola Divisional Secretary of Yapahuwa Electorate in Kurunegala District consists of more than 300 families who live in No. 171 Walaliya.

These people have been facing severe problems in obtaining clean drinking water. Tests have confirmed that the water in the area is unfit for use.

To get clean drinking water these innocent people have to spend a lot of money. Children and Elders are frequently hospitalised due to illnesses caused by the consumption of contaminated water.In addition, a large number of identified kidney patients have been reported in this area. There are a considerable number of deaths reported due to the same.

Considering the problem of the people in the area, it was recommended for a water purification unit to be installed.

The residents made their pleas known to Gammadda- and Gammadda answered. Today (26/11/2022), Gammadda handed over a clean drinking water supply to the villagers.

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