Gammadda teams up with Eyepax to provide educational assistance to rural kids

Gammadda responded to a potential crisis in education caused by skyrocketing prices in stationery items due to the economic crisis, by initiating a project to help children in economically disadvantaged areas. This investment in the future and promotion of education is being carried out by providing a complete set of books and stationery items for children from selected schools studying in various grades for the 2023 academic year.

Due to the low income status of the family, these underprivileged children face even more severe difficulties in accessing their educational necessities. This inequality is especially magnified this year. Although a free education may be the right of all Sri Lankans, this comes at a cost. Books, stationery items, uniforms, shoes, access to extra curricular activities all cost money. Not everyone has equal access to these, especially some low income families who have to chose between giving a good education for their children or putting food on the table. Furthermore, due to the increases in the price of stationery and food- parents are forced to choose which of their children to send to school. What used to be a once appalling 10% drop-out rate has spiked to 40%. Gammadda partnered with Eyepax IT Consulting (Pvt) Ltd. to nurture and mould children who are hungry for a good education. The book donation was held at Wewatte Maha Vidyalaya in Mahiyanganaya, Badulla.

Our endeavour is to encourage these children and help them achieve great things. Our endeavour is to enable them to dream big.

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