Precious Clean Water for the students of Periyasandhi Bilingual School

Periya Sandhi Village Bilingual Primary School is located in Periya Sandhi Village in the Puttalam district.  The main source of income of these students is through either farming or daily wage laboring. They cannot afford to install an RO plant with their meagre wages. This school is special because 130 children from all backgrounds- Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim come together to learn in harmony.

Students had to walk to school carrying clean water from their homes. Sometimes they use well water from the neighboring houses. However, this water was found unfit to be consumed due to its high levels of mineral contaminations. The principal of this school made a request to Gammadda for an RO plant.

Our cherished way of life depends on clean water. Sometimes we take it for granted, but there are many in the underdeveloped rural parts of Sri Lanka who do not have that luxury. Safe and sufficient water facilitates the practice of hygiene, which is a key measure to prevent not only diarrhoeal diseases, but acute respiratory infections and numerous neglected tropical diseases.

The installation of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification plant will benefit the 130 students of Periya Sandhi Tamil Vidyalayam and the surrounding villages as well. A kind donation by the Mushin family in remembrance of late Mr. A.R.M Mushin, late Mrs. Kairun Nissa Mushin and late Ms. Shyana Mushin made this dream of clean water into a reality.

Work on the RO plant has been completed and Gammadda handed over the new clean water supply to the students today, 23/8/2022

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