Hope for Better Tomorrow for the Residents of Walaliya

Walaliya is a beautiful village belonging to Ambanpola Divisional Secretariat of Kurunegala District. There are more than 410 students studying in Valaliya Maha Vidyalaya, which is the main school located in this village where more than 300 families who make a living from farming live.

A serious problem in this area is the lack of clean drinking water for the people living in this village due to the contamination of water sources due to salinity and the presence of heavy metals in the ground water. Due to these reasons, many people are receiving treatment for chronic kidney illnesses- some have already died.

To solve this problem, the villagers informed many parties but to no avail, so the villagers made their please known to Gammadda. Their request was an reverse osmosis water filtration system.

Gammedda, which goes to the rural villages to find out people's problems and provide solutions to them, is coming forward to solve the drinking water problem of the people, and today (03/09/2022) the work of the reverse osmosis water filtration system will be started to end the drinking water problem, making the hopes of the villagers a reality.

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