Equipping Dunuvilapitiya for the Fight Against Kidney Disease

Dunuvilapitiya, a small village nestled on the border of the magnificent Wasgamuwa National Park, faces a dire situation. The scarcity of clean drinking water and the delayed access to necessary medical treatment have unleashed a silent crisis, leaving the villagers vulnerable to the devastating effects of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). With 44 kidney patients struggling to survive and recent tragic deaths due to the lack of clean water, the time wasripe to shed light on Dunuvilapitiya's plight and rally support for immediate action.

In Dunuvilapitiya, villagers rely on bowsers that visit once a week, bringing precious but limited supplies of water. This infrequent access to clean water poses significant challenges for hygiene and sanitation, endangering the health of the entire community. Without an adequate and reliable water supply, the villagers are forced to store water for an entire week, increasing the risk of contamination and waterborne diseases.

Chronic Kidney Disease has emerged as a silent epidemic in Dunuvilapitiya, with approximately 44 individuals grappling with its debilitating effects. These patients are in dire need of regular dialysis, a vital lifeline to manage the disease. However, the lack of clean drinking water and delays in accessing proper medical treatment have proven fatal. Five lives have already been lost, leaving families shattered and a community in anguish.

The time to act was now. We at Gammadda could not afford to stand idly by while the villagers of Dunuvilapitiya suffered. It was our moral obligation to raise awareness about this issue and mobilize support for the residents. Immediate steps were taken to ensure a steady and reliable supply of clean drinking water to the village. A plan to install a community water supply built around a Reverse Osmosis Filtration Plant was initiated to provide the villagers with a lifeline, reducing the risk of kidney disease, other waterborne diseases and improving overall health.

The project was completed and handed over to the residents on the 19th of May, 2023. The project opening coincided with the 80th birth anniversary of Mr. R. Rajamahendran- the visionary founder of Gammadda, trailblazing businessman and philanthropist. A book donation for the local Pirivena (monastic college for monks) was held and shoes were distributed to students of the local school which kindly donated land to host the RO plant.

Raising awareness within the community was also vital to preventing the further spread of CKD and promoting healthier practices, not just in Dunuvilapitiya, but across the nation. Educating villagers about the importance of clean water, proper sanitation, and early detection of health issues will empower them to take proactive measures and protect their well-being.

It is our collective responsibility to stand in solidarity with the villagers and demand immediate action. By raising awareness, mobilizing support, and advocating for change, we were able to ensure that Dunuvilapitiya's battle against Chronic Kidney Disease is fought with unwavering determination and compassion. Together, we are confident that we were able to bring hope and a brighter future to the resilient villagers of Dunuvilapitiya.

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