Water for children: Another project by Gammadda

Matara Katiape North Junior High School is a school with about one hundred (100) students. The drinking water needs of these students are met from the water source located at a distance of five hundred (500) meters from the school.

Even though the water through a network of pipelines- the water is still unsuitable for consumption as the century old pipes are damaged as well as the water itself- which is contaminated.

The Gammadda team was ready to provide a proper water distribution system to Katiape North Junior College on September 7, 2023 as a solution to the problem faced by the students of Matara Katiape North Junior College. A foundation stone was laid for that project was done on (07/09/2023) in a groundbreaking ceremony.The financial support for this project was provided by the Engineers Association of Sri Lanka National Engineering Research and Development Center ('NERDC').

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