a Tale of Progress and Unity of nagavila villagers

Nagavila is a village in the Pallama division situated within the Secretariat of the Puttalam District, with approximately 470 families calling it home. The primary challenge faced by the villagers revolves around the scarcity of clean drinking water.

At present, the residents of Nagavila source their water from various locations around the village that sell water for a fee. This poses a significant financial burden on the villagers, who rely on farming and hired work for their sustenance.

Given the gravity of the situation, the villagers reached out to Gammadda, requesting assistance in addressing the water crisis. Responding to their request, Gammadda has taken the initiative to commence a project for the installation of an RO water purification system.

The foundation stone laying ceremony for this water filtration system is scheduled to take place on the auspicious day of February 9, 2024. This commendable undertaking is made possible through the generous financial support of NEXT MANUFACTURING PVT LTD.

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