Freedom from Water Poverty

On Sri Lanka’s 75th Independence Day, Gammadda gave the people of Hengamuwa village in the Kobeigane region of the Kurunegala District something to celebrate, by providing a source of safe drinking water to the entire community, with the presentation of a Reverse Oscillation (RO) Plant.

The Hengamuwa Village is home to a number of farmers. Their only source of water for agricultural purposes was the Ambagaha anicut. They didn't have a source of clean drinking water, for which they had to make a multi-kilometer trek to fetch water.

Since their water supply was in a dilapidated and contaminated state and the farmers living in this area had to undergo many hardships to obtain water for their agricultural as well as drinking water needs. They had taken steps to inform the relevant officials regarding this requirement but, their pleas went unheard.

They are asking for their water supply system to be refurbished along with the common well and the water supply network to supply their daily water needs.

This community, which relies on agriculture and whose produce feeds thousands in the nation, had no source of healthful drinking water. The water in the wells was not of suitable standard for drinking and authorities seemed deaf to the pleas of the villagers. But when they reached out to Gammadda, they found a sympathetic ear. The project was launched on December 23, 2022, completed in a matter of weeks and vested with the people on Independence Day.

As with all Gammadda Projects, this one too was carried out For The People, By The People, through the kindhearted financial support of Dr. M.U.A. Tennakoon and Devinka Puswella and Family. The project had the blessings of the Ministry of Health and technical assistance from the Sri Lanka Navy.

Founded over a decade ago by the Late R. Rajamahendran, Chairman of the Capital Maharaja Group, Gammadda has emerged as one of the largest and most extensive development programmes in Sri Lanka.

The Gammadda Team treks to the furthest corners of every one of the 25 districts of Sri Lanka every year to speak directly with the people and identify their most pressing needs, with hundreds of volunteers from among the staff of the Capital Maharaja Group toiling for two months on the road. Thus, the Gammadda Team uncovers the real truth of the situation in every village that they village and it is from this truth that projects are then planned out for execution throughout the year, as and when funding becomes available.

The hundreds of projects carried out by Gammadda up to now include the entire gamut of social development – from building bridges across the raging waters of deadly streams, to uplifting agricultural infrastructure, constructing facilities for schools and pre-schools, establishing libraries, and building community wells. Often, the focus is on the children of a village, including their health, welfare and educational needs.

A unique aspect of Gammadda is that it does not go out to seek funding. Instead, benevolent individuals and organisations seek out Gammadda due to its reputation for service to the community and to the nation. All funds are utilized directly for each project, with no deductions for costs incurred by the Gammadda Team, which is supported by the Capital Maharaja Group itself. Gammadda is trusted and endorsed by a large number of international and Sri Lankan organisations, and works closely with the University of Peradeniya.

Each project is carried out under the supervision of a team comprising both village representatives and the Gammadda Team. Area residents are always heavily involved, providing contributions through labour and materials.

Gammadda. For The People. By The People.

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