New Hope to Temwatta villagers by providing clean drinking water

Monaragala Shastraloka Kanishtha Vidyalaya is a school where approximately 130 children study, located within the Nakkala in Monaragala district.

The primary issue affecting the children of this school and around 650 families in Tamwatta village, is the lack of clean drinking water. This has disrupted both the educational activities of the school and the daily lives of the villagers.

Moreover, has reported 44 cases of kidney disease, tragically resulting in the loss of two lives around this area.

In response to this critical situation, Gammadda has taken the initiative to construct a water filtration system that will serve Shastraloka Kanishtha Vidyalaya and the residents of Tamwatta village.

The foundation stone laying ceremony for this project is done on June 15, 2024.

Financial support for this project is generously provided by Mrs. Sarojini Munasinghe and Mr. A.H. Munasinghe, residents of Colombo 07.

The Sri Lanka Navy is providing technical support for the implementation of this vital project.

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