Airline Pilots’ Guild joins Gammadda to quench the thirst of underprivileged school

Amidst all the economic, political and social turmoil in the country, Gammadda teams are working hard on the ground.

There was heartening news today for students of the Silver Kandy Tamil Vidyalayam in Walapane, a school that for 60 years didn't have a proper water supply.

The Silver Kandy Tamil Vidyalayam is located in the Walapane Education Zone in the Nuwara Eliya District and serves the estate community in the area.

But the students of the primary section of this school had no water to quench their thirst.

This critical issue was identified during the Gammadda door-to-door initiative.

Today Gammadda was able to solve this problem when the Airline Pilots' Guild of Sri Lanka joined hands with Gammadda for this important water supply project.

The project was declared open by the President of the Airline Pilots' Guild of Sri Lanka Captain Niranjan Johnpulle, leader of the Gammadda movement Chevaan Daniel, District Secretary of Nuwara Eliya Nandana Galaboda, international award-winning Film Director Sandun Senivirathne, and the Principal of the School Palanniwel Chandrasekaran.

The Nuwara Eliya District Secretary Nandana Galaboda speaking at the opening ceremony said that Gammadda is one of the only development drives underway at a time when development projects across the country have come to a grinding halt.

Nandana Galaboda, the District Secretary for Nuwara Eliya said "The government has stopped all development projects. Against such a backdrop I believe that gammadda is the only development project that is currently underway in the country. Therefore I highly appreciate this project. "

Captain Niranjan Johnpulle, the Chairman of the Pilots Guild of Sri Lanka said "I have been working as a pilot for close to 30 years and have the blessings because of the company and the job to travel to more than 25 odd countries. And I have experienced many pleasant and smiling happy moments. But none of it comes close to what I am experiencing today. To see the smiles on your faces the laughter, the happiness outweighs all that I have experienced before and this moment will remain dear and close to my heart right throughout my life."

Leader of the Gammadda movement Chevaan Daniel highlighted the importance of education.

"Education is a weapon. Education is the reason why I am standing here and these gentlemen are seated in front here. I too started from a small school and worked hard and overcame numerous challenges using this weapon known as education. That is how we are able to serve this country. We strongly believe that we can elevate this country that everybody looks down on, to one of the highest positions in the world. We believe that we can achieve this through the talents of these small children here," he added.

Gammadda will continue to work for the betterment of the future generations of Sri Lanka.

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