Gammadda vests IT laboratory and sanitation system with Saliyamala Vidyalaya students

A new IT laboratory and sanitation system was vested with the students of a school in Mahavilachchiya on 8th of October.

Gammadda facilitated the opening of the refurbished and Air Conditioned IT Laboratory with new Computers and the newly installed School Sanitation System at Saliyamala Vidyalaya, Mahavilachchiya.

Work on the main road, which extends around 4km from the Mannaram Junction to the MR Junction, also began today.

The specials guests were present as work on the road began and proceeded to be welcomed by the school band at Saliyamala Vidyalaya where the main event was held.

The projects were suppported by the HNB Club, and Senior Manager Michelle De Silva remarked that education should not be a choice, but is essential for every child, and that this includes education that is around the environment for the students to learn through.

The ceremony was filled with colourful performances from the school's students.

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