Providing Clean Drinking Water to Navinna Village, a Crucial Step Towards Alleviating Kidney Issues

Navinna is a village situated in the Padiyathalawa Divisional Secretariat Division of Ampara District, falling under the Unapana GN division. The village is home to  202 families primarily engaged in hen farming, and their children attend Padiyathalawa National School and Gal Ode Maha Vidyalaya.

The community faces a severe issue of inadequate clean drinking water suitable for consumption due to the water's acidity and the presence of heavy metals in the groundwater. About 20 kidney patients have reportedly succumbed to these water-related issues, and several others are undergoing medical treatment. Additionally, school children are also grappling with drinking water problems.

Despite the villagers approaching various parties to address the issue, their efforts were in vain. Subsequently, the villagers raised their concerns with Gammadda, emphasizing the urgent need of RO water filtration system. Responding to the plight of the underprivileged, Gammadda, an organization dedicated to addressing people's problems, successfully resolved the drinking water problem. The water project was officially handed over to the unapana villagers on 20/01/2024.

This project was made possible by the financial contributions of the Tennyson and Vinita Rodrigo Trust (TVR Trust) and with technical support from the Sri Lanka Navy, and aims to fulfill the clean drinking water needs of the people in Unapana village. In commemoration of this achievement the villagers arranged an almsgiving ceremony to honor Mr. and Mrs. Tennyson Rodrigo and Vinita Rodrigo, Mr. Ravi Abeysuriya, who oversaw the Tennyson and Vinita Rodrigo Fund, and Mr. Quinton Rajaselvan, who served as the Gammadda coordinator.

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