Relief from Water Woes for Samagipura

The village of Samagipura in the rural Sewanagala Divisional Secretariat belongs to the Monaragala district. Even the 400 students attending the village school are compelled to drink water that is not fit for human consumption There are many kidney patients currently in the area undergoing treatment. The difficulties caused due to the lack of proper drinking water facilities are colossal.

The district of Monaragala has a rich history. With lush and lucrative agriculture many choose farming as their main occupation. It is said even when a seed is thrown on the side of the road- it will grow and flourish in Uva Wellassa.

However, the district of Monaragala now has a high poverty rate - approximately one-third of the population lives in poverty. The same number of people do not get enough food. Many do not own the land they cultivate, thus increasing their vulnerability. Poverty is also the main reason why children lose parental care in the region. In addition, many children fail to receive an education that will give them the chance to break the cycle of poverty as they grow older.The rural areas around the city of Monaragala are isolated and often lacking in basic services and infrastructure.

According to Poverty Manual (2005), productivity and incomes from employment and livelihoods are vital factors for decreasing the poverty level. Especially, social characteristics like health conditions, nutrition levels, education levels, and housing conditions impact productivity, thus affecting the poverty status of the households. Therefore, actions towards poverty mitigation contain a complete intervention scheme, not simply in economic dimensions, but including social aspects as well, so that poverty is considered a socio-economic phenomenon. What many urbanites take for granted such as piped-in drinkable water- many of their rural counterparts consider a luxury.

The people of Samagipura were forced to choose between drinking contaminated water or purchasing water at exorbitant costs. They made their pleas known to Gammadda and Gammadda answered. The foundation stone for this community water supply was laid in a groundbreaking ceremony on the 10th of February 2023. This clean drinking water project will transform the village and the 550 families who call it home and contribute to a more equitable society. The commencement of work was followed by donations of stationery items for local students and dry rations for vulnerable families.

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