Happiness Flows in Maithrigama

Maithrigama (600 Thulana) in Palugaswewa DS division is located in the Anuradhapura District. Maithrigama is home to 180 agrarian families, neighboring Maharambewa and Miggaharambawewa are home to 280 families. Mahasengama is home to 200 families. The area is home to more than 700 families. The residents are mainly farmers and daily wage laborers.

People in the area struggle daily with no access to clean drinking water. Their existing water supply was a well which is a contaminated water source. Their groundwater supply is contaminated with calcium deposits. Their wells dry up during the dry months- and they are only able to farm during the wet seasons. They are forced to pay exorbitant prices for drinking water. There are many kidney patients currently in the area- some others have already died. People from the village requested Gammadda to install an R.O plant to ensure a consistent clean drinking water supply.

Gammadda laid the foundation for a drinking water project in Maithrigama, to commemorate the 79th birth anniversary of  Gammadda founder, Late Mr R.Rajamahendran on May 19, 2022.

The completed project was handed over to the public on the 24th of July, with a ceremony to mark the 1st anniversary of the death of Late Mr. R. Rajamahendran. In memoriam of our visionary founder, trailblazing businessman and philanthropist.

Almost 700 agrarian families in Maithrigama and several surrounding villages will have immediate access to clean drinking water.

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