End to the Water Woes of Akkara 20

Akkara 20 Village, home to more than 700 residents and visiting devotees, is located in the Kataragama DS Division in the Monaragala District, the main problem these people face is the lack of clean drinking water.

The water is contaminated with calcium deposits and other minerals and chemicals and is unfit for consumption. Due to this many people have succumbed to chronic kidney diseases. The people living in this village live in abject poverty despite Katharagama being a famous temple which attracts many devotees both local and foreign. The temple brings people together- people from many religions worship here.

More than 500 devotees visit on a daily basis and during special festivals the number of devotees exceeds 5000. Therefore, a serious problem arises regarding the clean drinking water that is needed by these people. After considering a request made by the villagers to Gammadda a decision was made to lay the foundation stone to prepare a community water supply which would provide clean drinking water.

Work commenced on the community water supply project with the laying of the foundation and a ceremony on Friday the 19th of August, 2022.

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