Transforming Lives in Mannar

Gammadda today helped the residents of Madukkarai realize their dream of clean drinking water which had long gone unaddressed by government and civil society organisations.

About 350 families call Madukkarai village in Mannar their home. This community is made up of both Tamil and Sinhalese residents who live in harmony.

The people of this village depend on agriculture and daily wage labor for their livelihood.

However their biggest problem is a lack of clean drinking water- which is threatening the future of this community. Due to lack of clean drinking water, there are many people suffering from kidney disease and other waterborne illnesses.

The Gammadda team which identified this problem during the annual door to door nationwide needs assessment survey, started a drinking water purification project and handed it over to the residents on the 22nd of April this year to provide a lasting and sustainable solution to the drinking water issues ravaging this community.

In the midst of economic problems in the country, many projects have been abandoned by the government, however Gammadda which has an ethos of By the People... For the People... Has kept marching on... Finding shortcomings and providing solutions to these shortcomings to everyday citizens of Sri Lanka most impacted by the equity divide.

A remarkable aspect of this project was the Gammadda Saviya Society of Madukkarai which driven by the youth of the village, worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this project. This is part of Gammadda's vision of leadership development and creating leaders from within communities to step up and take charge of their destinies and find solutions to problems that are plaguing their villages.

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