Ihalakubukwewa's Clean Water Revolution Begins

Ihalakumbukwewa is located in the Sooriyawewa DS division in the Hambantota District. The village, along with Mahagalwewa and Diyawaragama, is home to 800 families. The residents are primarily farmers and daily wage laborers. The community has been deprived of clean drinking water for over 21 years.

Villagers either have to pay high prices for clean drinking water or are forced to consume contaminated water. Lack of access to clean water has resulted in numerous illnesses and kidney ailments among the villagers.

This problem was identified during the 2022 village door-to-door nationwide needs assessment survey. The people made their pleas known to Gammadda and Gammadda answered.

The solution is the installation of an RO filtration plant in Ihalakumbukwewa to provide an uninterrupted clean drinking water supply free of harmful pollutants to the residents and school children protecting them from exposure to kidney disease and other water-borne illnesses.

This project was made possible by a generous contribution by Mr. Mahendra Amarasuriya which is being carried out with the technical support of the Sri Lanka Navy. The commencement stone was laid for this project on 23/11/2023 and work commenced immediately. This project will benefit more than 3,200 villagers in Ihalakumbukwewa and

surrounding villages.

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