Gammadda initiative to build a model village in Anuradhapura, Mahavilachchiya, Yaya 06

Opening of the name board at the Yaya 06 RO Plant, by The Executive Group Director of the Capital Maharaja Group Mr. Chevaan Daniel and the Senior Manger of The Club HNB Mrs. Michelle De Silva.

The small village of Yaya 06 is located in the Mahavilachchiya DS division in Anuradhapura district. It covers five villages with about 600 agrarian families living in this area. While the main livelihood of these people is farming, many others engage in hired labor.

They have got to travel a distance of 2 km's back and forth daily to collect clean drinking water, and that too has to be purchased for a sum they can not afford. Many people affected with CKD can be found in the village including 40 patience currently receiving treatment. Apart from that, already about 50 deaths have been reported from this area.

The first of many projects: The installation of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification unit conducted by the SL Navy, a project supported by The Club HNB was vested to the public on the 4th of December 2021.

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification Unit installed at Yaya 06, by the Sri Lanka Navy
Kids sipping the first glass of clean water filtered from the newly installed RO filter in their very own village of Yaya 06.

Along with the opening ceremony of the RO Plant, the commencement of two other projects in Yaya 06 took place on the same day.

The Saliyamala Maha Viduhala is the only school in Yaya 06 which consist of about 400 students in total. There are classes from grade 1 to Ordinary level. The students in the school show many talents varying from art, dancing, singing to new creations, innovations and also shows interest in technology. However, the students seem to struggle with the very few facilities they have in their computer lab. They face many difficulties conducting classes due to the lack of necessary IT Lab facilities.

Commencement: Renovation of the Saliyamala Maha Vidyalaya Computer Lab.

Hence, Gammadda together with The Club HNB has initiated two separate projects to renovate the school computer lab and also provide the school with proper hygienic sanitary facilities as means of addressing a prolonged issue the students in Yaya 06, faced.

Commencement: The new Sanitary Complex in the Saliyamala Maha Vidyalaya.

This happens to be the start of a new Venture for Gammadda. The first of many projects to be conducted by Gammadda in the rural Mahavilachchiya, Yaya 06 area to build a model village, in order to uplift the life style and the spirit of youngsters in the beautiful village of Yaya 06.

An innocent little girl from the Saliyamala Maha Vidyalaya shares her concerns with Mr. Daniel

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