The villagers of Puttalam, Nawagattegama, Ralapanawa can finally quench their thirst

The people of Ralapanawa village in Nawagattegama have been suffering from the lack of clean drinking water for decades and had many difficulties for generations to meet their need for clean drinking water.

These villagers, who are engaged in minor occupations such as hired labor, are not able to work towards funding a water project on their own as they have no money to spend for it.

The villagers have to work hard to access clean drinking water. Therefore, their request to Gammadda was asking for a tube well to provide their families and generations to come with purified water.

The people of Nawagattegama in Puttalam, who have lost their basic need for water, are now happy. The villagers can finally quench their thirst.

Simultaneously to the project opening, on the occasion of the three months alms giving of late chairman of the Capital Maharaja Group, a special interfaith function was held today at Ralapanawa Nawagattegama in Puttalam.

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