Relief for the Water Emergency in Ridimaliyadda,Badulla

A news story regarding villagers in the Badulla, Mahiyanganaya and Ridi Maliyadda divisional secretariats who are suffering from the lack of drinking water facilities, were reported on  7 PM news on Sirasa TV was telecasted yesterday, the 13th September 2021.

Though they have a functioning RO unit installed in Tharuniviyaparaya Gama, the issue is that the water levels in the well through which water is pumped to the system drops below the submersible pump, causing as loss of water for the RO system to filter and facilitate the villagers. This well level drop occurs especially, during the dry seasons. Hence, it is essential that the well is filtered with the required amounts of water, externally.

With the support of a promptly responded generous donor, Gammadda has decided to send a 4000l water bowser daily to the above mentioned common water distribution point (well) located in Tharunaviyaparaya Gama - Allowing a number of 250 families of all five areas:

1. Tharunaviyaparaya Gama,
2. Orubandi Wewa,
3. Kongas Handiya,
4. Bariyal Handiya &
5. Garthala Wela belonging to the Orubandi Wewa GS division

to have access to clean drinking water facilities.

The water which is transported to the main point, will be filtered by the filtration system which will then distribute clean drinking water to these villagers through a RO unit which is already installed.

Gammadda  sent two 4000l water bowsers today, the 14th of September as the initial step of this project.

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