Opening of Hingurakgoda Ulkatupotha Drinking Water Filter Project – 21.01.2022

Most of the people living in Ulkatupotha village in Hingurakgoda Divisional Secretariat  of Polonnaruwa District are working as hired laborers in the surrounding paddy fields in the area.

In the village of Ulkatupotha, the basic needs of about 600 families, including clean drinking water, have not yet been met. Due to the lack of clean water, a large number of kidney patients were found among villagers.

We identified this problem when we went door-to-door in 2020.

As a result, Gammadda initiated a project on April 7, 2021 to provide a clean drinking water project to these people who are suffering from the lack of clean drinking water.

With the financial assistance of Mr. Samuel Nandasena, a resident of Battaramulla, the construction of a water purification plant was completed at Hingurakgoda Ulkatupotha village in Polonnaruwa and was vested to the public today.

Opening of Name Board
Opening of Plaque
Filling clay pots with clean water from the newly installed RO plant

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