Gammadda steps in to address longstanding need of villagers in Vavuniya

211D Kristhavakulam is a rural village in the Vengala Cheddikulam Divisional Secretariat of Vavuniya District. The village is home for more than 150 agrarian families, who suffered from poor access to safe drinking water. Although there are adequate water sources, the water is not fit for consumption. They are forced to drink untreated surface water. Gammadda identified this problem during the Door-to-Door campaign in 2020. We witnessed even the youngest of Kristhavakulam residents affected with the condition of dental fluorosis. Additionally the water is salinated and has resulted in many cases of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Eventually, the struggles of these people to obtain clean drinking water was brought to light. Mr V Nadesan, a retired state employee residing in Colombo, benevolently came forward to fund this project. Following water sample tests, it was advised that a Reverse Osmosis system needs to be installed for the water to be used for consumption.

Without any further delay, we partnered with the Sri Lanka Navy once again and the foundation laying ceremony for a Reverse Osmosis based drinking water project was held on 17th of July 2021. The construction work is still underway despite the pandemic.

We're eagerly anticipating the handing over of the project to the residents of Kristhavakulam sooner than later.

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