A multigenerational dream to one day have clean drinking water shaped to reality

About 50 families live in the village of Thennahena in the Mulatiyana Divisional Secretariat Division in the Matara District. Hired labor is their main livelihood and there are also people in this village who make a living from farming. The main problem for these people is the lack of clean drinking water. They travel by foot to the top of the hill to collect clean water. This has become a part of their daily routine.

Although a water supply scheme was started ten years ago, it is now inactive. Their request to Gammadda was to construct a tube well and a tank to store water. Gammadda was able to tell the country about the people of Thannehena. The project is now funded by Indunath Jayasinghe Gunasekara, Sunethra Weerakkody and Shimran Ramsey.

Accordingly, we were able to commence work on the drinking water project for the villagers of Thennahena on the 15th October, 2021.

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