Revitalizing Waters: Creating a Fish Pond for Lake Restocking


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A fish rearing pond is needed for the residents of Irainamadu to enhance their livelihoods at a cost of Rs. 3,000,000

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Project fully funded. Thank you for your co-operation!

Project fully completed. Thank you for your co-operation!

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Residents of Irainamadu are experiencing an economic downturn due to the inaction of government officials to restock the local tank with fish.


Iranaimadu is a village in Kilinochchi District & It is home to more than 350 fisheries families. Most of them make their living from fishing in the Iranaimadu tank. The government is stocking the tank less frequently so these farmers barely have a good catch and suffer from various economic programs due to it. Currently the village fisheries society buys fishlings at Rs. 5/- and restocks the tank. They are requesting a water tank to farm and store smaller fish at Rs. 1/- so they can replenish and restock when the number of fish is in decline when the fishlings are bigger so they can make a living through their fishing activities.


Construction of two fish rearing ponds to rear fishlings and restock the Irainamadu tank to enhance the livelihoods of the residents of Irainamadu. A Gammadda Saviya Society will be established to maintain the ponds.

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