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Help us provide residents of Gal Edanda Village with a safe access road to gain uninterrupted access to essential services.

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A 400 ft road is needed to be built to assist villagers to transport their harvests to market at a cost of Rs. 850 thousand.


This road in Baddula District has never been maintained by the government. It severely limits access to essential services by residents. They are unable to access essential services such as education, healthcare, employment, government services, banks, markets and trading opportunities. Their primary problem however is taking their harvest to market. During rainy seasons, this road is unpassable- even by foot. Flooding events take hours to drain and causes soil erosion. It is critical to build this road to prevent future soil erosion and further deterioration of the road.


Gammadda Architects, after consultation with Government Engineers, have decided to rebuild the 1-km stretch of road while considering issues of drainage and soil erosion. This initiative will arrest any further soil erosion while ensuring the sustainability of the road by eliminating flooding events with improved drainage. The construction will be done using local labor under the supervision of an Engineer. Gammadda will be monitoring and reporting on the progress of road construction.

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