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Help the 30 families from Dellawa and surrounding areas access essential services.

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Project fully funded. Thank you for your co-operation!

Project fully completed. Thank you for your co-operation!

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Dellawa is home to more than 30 families. The residents of all these villagers are subsistence farmers. Before this bridge was built the residents were using a makeshift bridge crafted from palm trees. However it is the gateway to the rest of Sri Lanka- connecting Dellawa as well as three other surrounding villages- Thundola, Hiniduma and Palekanda.


Due to the lack of a safe and secure bridge- People faced many difficulties. Every time it rains, the bridge is overwhelmed by flood waters. People were at risk of injury or death by drowning.


The Gammadda initiative constructed a bridge in Dellawa. Construction of this bridge benefits people from all four villages. It helps them access essential services in a safe and timely manner and transport their produce to markets. Construction of this bridge has provided both social and economic benefits to the residents.

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