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Help the Egodapitiya Community of Dairy Farmers become a self sustaining one by constructing a Milk Repository.

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Project fully funded. Thank you for your co-operation!

Project fully completed. Thank you for your co-operation!

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Egodapitiya is home to many cattle farmers. The biggest challenge they have is they don't have the proper facilities to store the milk they collect. They were storing in homes without any quality or food safety standards.


Milk farmers in Egodapitiya were challenged with no proper place to deposit milk. All this time they have undertaken the task at a farmers house and it has not been very successful due to maintaining high standards for the end product. Even though there were a vast number of milk farmers in the villagers , many of them were not encouraged to continue due to this issue, Therefore the farmers ended up selling their products below the market rate to private buyers.


Milk Repository has shown increased revenue for farmers and reduced wastage of the collected milk. It has also shown to benefit entrepreneurial cattle farmers- many of whom are women.

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