Nayana Deepthi is a mother of three living in Palana NorthDivision. Her husband works in the fishing industry. Their 12 yearold second daughter has been suffering from kidney disease for morethan three years. She is still receiving treatment from theKarapitiya Hospital. Nayana's husband who is the sole breadwinner ofthe family, is extremely helpless as he is unable to fund hisdaughters medications. They also have a four-year-old preschooler towhom they are unable to provide a safe and secure living space.

The doctors claimed their daughter suffering from the Kidneydisease was not fit to live in their previous dilapidated woodenhouse. Nayana and her Husband are currently living a life incontinuous misery with their children.

Their need met our attention one fine day and ever since teamGammadda has been working towards providing the family with a safehome. This is when Mrs. Nagahawatta reached out toGammadda. Her most kind generosity has paved the way for us to slowlybut surely make the impossible dream of Nayana's family a reality.

The construction work is completed and the house was handedover to Nayana Deepthi and family on Friday, the 11th of February2022.

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