Safe Shelter for Baby Thanuth

Dambepitiya, Hasalaka, Kengolla Ela village in the Ulpathagama Grama NiladhariDivision belongs to the Kandy District. It is an area that has been frequently affected by elephant attacks. On September 17, 2021, the village faced an unfortunate incident and the villagers were attacked by several wild elephants at once.

Then one-year-old Thanuth's  house was also destroyed by a wild elephant.

Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Mendis, who joined Gammadda to help this needy family, commenced a project to construct a new house on the 20thof September 2021.

The aim of Gammadda was to complete building this house, without considering the COVID-19 challenge as an obstacle.

With that objective in place, the construction work was completed and the house was handed over to W M Nihal Nelson Bandara and his family on February 26th.

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