Precious Water project in Christhawakulam Vested to the Public

There is no clean drinking water for the people of Vengala Chettikulam Christovakulam village in Vavuniya.

Kidney disease is also common. Further, they were suffering from decaying teeth. They reached out to Gammadda. Upon investigation of their water supply, it was determined to be a case of dental fluorosis due to an excessive amount of fluoride in their drinking water.

We identified this problem while going door-to-door in the village in2020.

We told the country about this

Retired resident in Wellawatte, Mr. Nadesan provided financial support to quench the thirst of these villagers after seeing the plight of this village that was reported on News.

Gammedda, together with the technical assistance of the Sri Lanka Navy, initiated to provide clean drinking water to the village of Christovakulam.

Now the village of Christovakulam has received a water filtering system and lampposts on the way to the village.

The project was vested to the public today (04.03.2022).

Now the people of Christovakulam are able to utilize clean water and goon a journey without any fear or suspicion even at night.

They got all this because of the trust the people had in Gammadda.

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