Maha Katuwaragalawewa, Kabithigollawa in Anuradhapura receives access to clean drinking water

Maha Katugalawewa village belongs to the Kebithigollewa Divisional Secretariat in the Anuradhapura District. More than 110 families in the village struggle without access to clean drinking water. Chronis Kidney disease is a common disease in the village due to dirty water.

The village tank (wewa)dries up after August due to lack of rain. The only small public well that exists dries up and leaves the villagers with no hope.

As a result, Gammadda initiated a project on March 13, 2021 to provide a clean drinking water project to these people who are suffering from the lack of clean drinking water. The technical support for this project is provided by the Water Supply Board.

Gammadda together with the financial support of the President of the International Women's Club 2020/21, the Executive Board, members and other well wishers, all arrangements have been made to construct a drinking water purification plant at Maha Katuwaragalawewa, Kebithigollewa was vested to the public on 17th February 2022.

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