Clean drinking water is no more a luxury to the residents of Nelumwila and the surrounding villages!

Nelumwila,368 Thulana is a rural village in the Mahawilachchiya Divisional Secretariat in Anuradhapura District. More than 650 families residing in Nelumwila and surrounding 22 villages are faced with the crises of human-elephant conflicts almost everyday. These villages are home for more than 150 poultry farmers. These people who live among many difficulties, also suffer from lack of access to clean drinking water supply. Due to the abundance of calcium level in their well water and is unfit for consumption, the villagers are forced to buy drinking water for money. Although they use their well water for other household chores, wells get dried up during dry season. While most of the villagers being farmers, they mainly rely upon rain water for farming.
Villagers claim that 30 people have already passed away due to Chronic Kidney Diseases, as a result of consumption of hardwater. 150 kidney patients are still obtaining treatment. Gammadda was informed of this crises, following which a community water supply project commenced on the 06th November 2021, in Nelumwila, Mahawilachchiya. The project is to install a Reverse Osmosis based water purifying plant, facilities to store the water and construct a distribution point. It is expected to benefit more than 650 poor farming families.

The project is benevolently sponsored by the Tennyson & Vinitha Rodrigo Trust Fund, and the technological support rendered by the Sri Lanka Navy was vested to the public on 4th of February 2022 alongside the Sri Lanka Independence day.

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