A new beginning for family suffering without a proper house

Gammadda brought renewed hope for a family which was suffering for many months without a proper house.

On December 19th last year, Gammadda revealed the plight of Chandimaa Nelum Kumari’s family in Hali Ela. The story of this woman, her three children and their grandmother who lacked a decent house to live in, brought tears to the eyes of many.

Thereafter, ASP Logistics International Pvt Ltd. came forward to provide for a new home for this family, as part of a corporate social responsibility initiative.

What is significant is that it is because of you the people who joined hands with Gammadda, families like this can finally stand on their own feet.

It is indeed the kind hearted people of this proud nation who deserve credit for stepping forward to provide relief for those such as Chandimaa Nelum Kumari and her family, who will be able to enjoy the comfort of a new home in a few months.

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