A village free of Chronic Kidney Diseases is no longer a dream for the residents of Kadurupitiya!

Kadurupitiya is a rural village located in Mahawilachchiya in the Anuradhapura district. 108 families who call Kadurupitiya home, rely on paddy farming as means of income. The ground water in this area however, is contaminated with calcium deposits, resulting in hard water. Though it's barely suitable for cultivation, it cannot be consumed. There are currently 40 CKD patients in the area. That is one kidney person for almost every other family. However, the number of people with chronic kidney diseases could be much more, says villagers.

We met Kadurupitiya villagers when Gammadda teams walked the length and breadth of the country during the 2020 Door-to-Door campaign. They expressed their water woes and pleaded for a solution. We understood that the villagers were in a desperate need for clean water supply for drinking and other purposes including agriculture. A subsequent feasibility study revealed that an installation of a Reverse Osmosis plant is how this need could be met.

Together with the benevolent support of the 95/96 Electrical Engineering Batch of the University of Moratuwa, Gammadda commenced a community drinking water project in Kadurupitiya today. While Sri Lanka Navy undertakes to supply & install an R.O plant followed by ongoing maintenance, Gammadda manages and ensures the overall progress and sustainability of the project, in its entirety.

All COVID-19 guidelines were followed in launching the project which aims to end chronic kidney diseases and provide access to clean drinking water to the people who have been deprived of it for years

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